Family Values ~ Bookbinding a Personal Collection

Fine Book Restoration

Mrs Sherwin from Northampton was delighted with the results of the repairs done by Julie on some books her mother found in the attic.

"When my grandad died at the beginning of the year, we had the job of clearing out his house before it was sold. Mum came across some old books that she remembered being her dad's pride and joy, including a family bible with his family tree written in. We were going to throw them in the bin, but decided to ask Tudor to repair them for her.

Imagine her surprise and delight when we gave them to her.  

The amount of care and attention to detail that Julie has put in, is a credit to her and to Tudor. All I can say is a big thank you on behalf of my mum and our family. The books may not be valuable to sell, but they are priceless to us."

Restored Books